Hot off the press: UC Tips!

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We recently met with college admissions directors from all 9 UC Campuses and were able to glean crystal clear tips for student success– here they are, hot off the press! Tips for UC Applications! Great Applications Take Time: Don’t rush … Continued

Brandeis University

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Brandeis is a small liberal arts school (3319) in the Boston suburbs, founded in 1948 because at that time if a student wasn’t white, Christian and male, it was hard to get admitted to college. Brandeis wanted to create opportunities … Continued

Oregon State University

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Oregon State University (OSU) is a large (23,903 undergrads) public university with the unusual distinction of being a land grant, sea grant, space grant and sun grant institution (Cornell University is the only other one). What this means is, lots … Continued

Parents: How Can You Inspire Your Kids to Aim for College?

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It’s all about envisioning themselves there! Get your student on some college campuses early in high school to increase excitement about their own futures. Look at college websites together, read reviews ( or the Fiske Guide ( as examples. Check … Continued