Oregon State University

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Oregon State University (OSU) is a large (23,903 undergrads) public university with the unusual distinction of being a land grant, sea grant, space grant and sun grant institution (Cornell University is the only other one). What this means is, lots … Continued

Rice University

Rice University is a gorgeous, highly prestigious research university set in Houston, Texas. The Spanish Mediterranean architecture literally took my breath away when I stepped onto campus for the first time. Rice was founded in 1912 after William Marsh Rice … Continued

Cal Tech University Review

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California Institute of Technology (Cal Tech) is a world-class science and technology university tucked into suburban Pasadena. This campus has a reputation for brilliance, boasting over 30 Nobel Prize winners among their professors & alumni. At any one time, there … Continued


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Villanova is a lovely suburban Catholic university (6600) founded by the order of St. Augustine, located along the Main Line, just 30 minutes by train to Philadelphia. This classic gothic campus with heavy school spirit is a perfect place for … Continued

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