Seniors: Time to apply for scholarships

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Look for scholarships that are somehow connected to you, your family, or community and apply for them — your family’s unions, churches, employers or organizations you have been involved with throughout your life. Outside scholarships are an excellent way to … Continued

Juniors: Manage your time effectively

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For students, learning how to manage time between academics & extracurriculars takes practice and discipline. With eight hours of “seat-time” a day, piling on extracurriculars may be difficult for some students to handle. Participate in an appropriate amount of outside … Continued

Seniors: Submitting the FAFSA

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File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) after January 1st of your senior year (even if you think you won’t qualify). Submit your FAFSA application whether you think you’ll be eligible or not for financial assistance – for … Continued