Northern Arizona University Highlights

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Northern Arizona University (NAU) is a public educational gem surrounded by mountainous terrain just one hour away from the Grand Canyon in Flagstaff, Arizona. California kids love NAU’s four seasons and charming artsy college town atmosphere. If the cost of … Continued

College Sports Recruiting Tips

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Student-Athletes experience college admissions in a WHOLE different way than all other students. For one thing, they start the process by the end of sophomore year, sending optimally 50-80 initial letters and athletic profile resumes to colleges around the country, … Continued

Do Your CSU Research!

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There are 23 universities in the California State University (CSU) system, and at first glance, they all seem to be pretty much alike.  Not so when you dig deeper!  Navigatio attended the CSU Counselor Conference this week gleaning unique details … Continued

What’s Happening at the UC’s?

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  Navigatio attended the UC Conference at UCLA, gearing up for the college application sprint! Applications open October 1st, so get those essays in shape.   The very best college essays are edited and rewritten several times. Here’s a nice UC … Continued

Summer Enrichment: Spanish Immersion Opportunity

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Full language immersion pushes a student’s brain far beyond classroom learning, and the language mecca of Antigua, Guatemala is a perfect place to dive into Spanish. Students travel from all corners of the globe to learn to speak, read, write and … Continued