College review: Humboldt State University

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Humboldt State University is a hidden jewel in California, a medium sized (roughly 7000) public university located in Arcata, a fairly isolated area, an hour south of the Oregon/California border, along the rugged coastline.

You could really study anything at Humboldt, but they are particularly strong in the sciences, and conversely, their largest major on campus is art! There has been a tremendous amount of recent renovation at Humboldt, so the campus feels like a private school, with a pristine new dorm development, a state of the art stadium, modern science labs, and a gorgeous gym facility – complete with an indoor rock wall. A lot of activities are offered indoors which is good, because the weather is fierce, with lots of rain and cold winds. An 800 seat theatre on campus offers a tempting venue for many interesting bands, groups and plays every semester, at low cost for students.


Humboldt is a Division 2 school, which means scholar/athletes could have a nice opportunity to play sports in college. The school’s Scatter Band is comprised of musicians, non-musicians and everybody in between, and sounds like a wacky marching band that emphasizes ANYTHING but precision! It seems like Humboldt encourages a good time, with classes offered such as “circus performing!”

Outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, cycling and scuba diving (they offer classes in this each semester) provide a vast array of choices for a student who loves nature and adventure. The public bus system is good, and available gratis to all students attending Humboldt.

In terms of accessibility to the area, the choices are many. Amtrak travels to Southern California, as does Greyhound. There is the local Arcata airport nearby, and a “ride board” on campus. The drive, by car is about 11 hours.

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