College review: Whitworth University

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Whitworth University is a small, Presbyterian college in Spokane, WA. Downtown Spokane is a 20-25 minute bus or car ride away. Whitworth is a Christian college but not as conservative as a” Bible College.” Chapel is offered twice weekly and though attendance is not required, many students enjoy the Tuesday evening student-led services.

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One of our students coined Whitworth “the happy school,” and we could see why he felt that way! From the dorm life to the campus activities, it feels a lot like summer camp. Also, Whitworth’s quad is filled with redwoods just far enough apart to hang a hammock, which students do when the weather becomes warm.

“Community” would be the best word to describe Whitworth’s approach to education. The Resident Advisors lead a dorm activity every night and the campus “theme houses” for juniors and seniors sponsor regular social activities. Dorms are co-ed by floor. There is one freshman dorm and all the others are mixed. Students must live on campus for the first two years.

Whitworth has three rules:

  1. No co-habitation
  2. No alcohol (dry campus)
  3. No disruption of the community

The school sponsors dances with unique themes like the “Awkward Middle School Dance.” Music is big on campus. Every lounge has a piano and the campus has a good number of practice rooms. Two main stage and many student-run shows are produced each year. Whitworth offers both music and theater scholarships for which non-majors are eligible. Whitworth also offers guaranteed scholarships based on GPA and test scores.

Students stay active with intramurals (fulfilling the 3 PE requirements), and running & hiking trails on the undeveloped 40 acres that Whitworth owns. The science department is growing at Whitworth and they have a new science building with a cadaver lab.