Make your summers count

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If you’re in high school, it doesn’t matter how you keep busy during summer break, but do something you care about! Find a job, an internship, a pre-college program, a summer school or enrichment class, travel somewhere to concentrate on your foreign language skills or cultural awareness, find a volunteer opportunity or better yet — dream up something original. Summer is the perfect time to take on new and exciting opportunities. Whether it’s finding a seasonal job, volunteering for an organization you care about, or exploring new courses during summer school, it’s important to get involved and be productive during your break.

Summer projects can help you improve as a person. Don’t spend your summer sitting around at home on your computer or hanging out in malls. Take the opportunity to get involved this summer in some kind of project. You’ll likely learn something about yourself and you might even develop some new interests, meet some new people, and expand your world. That’s the point!


Summer activities will demonstrate your initiative, show intellectual curiosity, and possibly open your mind to help you identify what it is you want to explore in college. It can also help inform your thoughts about possible career paths. The benefits of summer enrichment activities are many — you’ll give yourself a chance to experience something new & enhance your creativity which can potentially propel you toward a more layered & interesting future.

We research and suggest summer options and opportunities. We have extensive knowledge about what summer opportunities are out there for high school students. We are continuously finding new summer ideas to help our students grow their interests. Working on a case by case basis, we brainstorm with our students to evaluate which summer options best fit their individual needs. Whether it’s an internship, pre-college program, travel, a job or volunteer opportunity — our directive is always just to do something you care about. So when colleges ask: “What did you do with your summer vacation?” you’ll be armed and ready with a colorful & enthusiastic response!

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