Seniors: Find Outside Scholarships Targeted to You!

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Why not walk away from high school with a diploma AND some extra cash to help you get prepared for college? Tuition for universities and colleges is steadily on the rise, so every dollar counts. Although most scholarship money comes straight out of the universities, smaller outside scholarships can help pay for those niggly extra costs.

Outside scholarships are an excellent way to put together a little extra money to buy essential items like computers, books and bicycles! The key is to seek out the scholarships that are targeted to you & your family. Ask at your school see what scholarships are offered in your very own community—many local businesses offer scholarships to hometown students. Look for scholarships that are somehow connected to you, your family, or community and apply for them — your family’s unions, churches, employers or organizations you have been involved with throughout your life.

It’s much easier to land scholarships that are targeted to a smaller “subset” of students. When beginning your search, it’s best to look for scholarships that have specific requirements that you have met — your cultural background, a tie to your community, an activity you participate in, or anything else that is specific to you or your family. This type of specificity increases your chances of being awarded.

We talk to students about where and how they can look for promising scholarship opportunities. Scholarships are out there, it’s just a matter of your finding the right ones. We have helped many students apply for and receive college scholarships and we can suggest scholarship angles that specifically meet your individual situation.

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