Brenna, Parent

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If you have a high schooler who is interested in going to college, you need Anne and Marian!  They streamline the whole confusing application process and provide a schedule and process for each student that keeps them on task and ahead of the deadlines.  No last minute scrambling and stress.  More importantly, they work directly with the students, avoiding all of the tension that can occur between parents and teenagers who are both stressed out about the application process. We could not be happier with the services that Anne and Marian provided to our twins during their high school years.  They met with them in their freshman year and helped guide them with questions they had about things like which classes to take and how to approach extracurriculars without getting overwhelmed.  Anne and Marian really took the time to get to know who our kids are and what kinds of schools would be a good fit for them. (it’s not all about the “big” schools, there’s a fit for everyone!) They have so much knowledge and information about schools across the country, it was really enlightening.  Anytime my kids had a question, all they had to do was send an email or set up a Skype meeting and Anne and Marian were there to help them sort things out.  When my kids got into junior and senior years (crunch time), Anne and Marian were there to help look over applications, help with essay revisions, and even helped my daughter make a decision about which school to go to when she just couldn’t decide.  I cannot compliment them enough or recommend this service more.  They are intelligent, warm, caring people who will guide your high schooler to find the best college fit for them!