Evan D. (student)

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I worked with Navigatio this year during college applications, and WOW did it help me a lot. There was so much they could tell me about the application process, what the colleges were looking for, what colleges were good for me and what I should do to help get in that I couldn’t find anywhere else.

Before working with them, I was very intimated by the whole idea of applying, because I felt I hadn’t done much over my high school career that would be good on my application. They really helped me look at what I had done and realize that I had a lot more than I had initially thought! Not only did we manage to fill the extra-curricular activities sections of my application, we also added a good amount of entries to the other sections I hadn’t even thought about. This was certainly one of the high points of working with them, since I was so clueless about what the colleges were looking for.

After at first being unsure of which college I should apply to and if I’d even get in, now I can say that I feel confident I’ll get into thte college I hoped to because of the help given to me by these lovely women and their fantastic service. I highly recommend it – and start early!