Julie A. (parent)

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Anne and Marian not only helped us navigate what is a very complex and stressful process they nailed the right school for my daughter. The match they made which was an instinctual and researched match was perfect. Not only did she get accepted, my daughter is “happier than she has ever been in her life”…her words…this from a child who really didn’t enjoy school and thought of not going to college at all! The choice was so successful several of my daughter’s friends followed her and this was a school we had no awareness of at all. We have just started working together with my younger daughter. A completely different story and a challenge in her own right and I have all the faith in the world that Anne and Marian will find the right school for my child. To top off the ultimate goal of a perfect match both Anne and Marian helped my family through every step of applying from help with making sure my daughter was doing the right admissions test to commenting on essay drafts. I can not recommend them more highly! They made my daughter feel that she could have a great college experience when she had all but given up the dream!