Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. —Henry David Thoreau

Why Hire Us?

We help students identify and get into colleges that are academically challenging, provide a good social fit, and are financially manageable for that student and their family.

Navigatio's consultants are proud members of the Higher Education Consultants Association

Applying to colleges is a daunting task for students and parents alike. With thousands of institutions to choose from, and a myriad of deadlines, application requirements, and financial aid opportunities, the application process can overwhelm the most organized students. We’ve helped many students navigate this process and gain admission into excellent schools across the country

At Navigatio College Consulting, we guide students and their families through every step of the college application process, from choosing high-school extracurriculars and brainstorming a shortlist of colleges to essay planning and financial aid advising. Our accredited experts demystify the process, provide support and guidance along the way, and help students put their best foot forward at this critical turning point in their lives.

Why families hire us:

  • Stress relief – you can relax knowing that every facet is being handled
  • Power of collaboration – we work jointly with every student
  • Extensive knowledge of college options
  • Personalized guidance
  • Constant sounding boards
  • Financial aid / merit aid insight
  • College myth debunking

When not working directly with students, we continuously tour colleges around the country to better advise our students.

Please contact us to schedule an initial consultation and discuss how we can help your student get accepted into the best college for them.

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