Which Students Are a Good Fit to Study Abroad as a Freshman???

We’ve witnessed a notable surge of more and more students wanting to spend their entire college education in another country, so we thought we’d talk about what that experience involves and what type of student would be a good fit … Continued

Do I Need a COVID-19 Statement On My College Applications?

Seniors around the country grappled with all sorts of stressors, complications and hardships due to COVID -19. Colleges appreciate and understand and really want to know if a student has struggled with anything due to the pandemic, so they can … Continued

Juniors: Colleges want to feel loved

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Tell colleges you are intrigued with their campus and interested in their programs! Showing your interest can boost your chances of getting admitted. Colleges want to know not only that prospective students will bring a positive vibe to the campus—they … Continued

Seniors: Get Your UC Apps Started

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Fierce competition has made the UC’s what we call a “wildcard” when it comes to getting admitted. With thousands of applications being submitted from all over the US and the world, the UC admission reps have become more holistic and … Continued

Is summer school for you?

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Summer school attendance offers myriad benefits to help make life a little easier during the academic year. Students who enroll in summer school can open up time for extracurricular activities such as part-time jobs, volunteering, clubs, hobbies or sports involvement. … Continued