Our COMPREHENSIVE COLLEGE ADMISSIONS ADVISING helps students and families navigate every step of the perplexing college admissions process.

We work with students starting at any stage of high school, providing ongoing admissions expertise. However, there are significant advantages to starting early in high school and our fees are the same no matter when you begin.

Here’s What We Cover:

College admissions overview  — We sit down with both the student and parents to educate the family & map out an individualized college admissions path, covering financial aid basics and scholarship information.

Organizational support– We keep them on track by working with students on time management, providing organizational tools and support to help them meet the many different application deadlines. Our goal is simple: complete high quality applications and submit them as early as possible.

Academic and extracurricular analysis–We direct the student’s academic choices and extra-curricular activities and help them set a course for personal and college admissions success. Our input throughout high school can make a big difference in outcomes. 

Strong Interest InventoryOur students complete this assessment and we analyze their results—then we launch conversations that provide valuable insight for college & career planning.

Testing timeline and prep recommendations—We provide advice for a smart testing schedule and test prep options. For SAT and ACT tutoring, see our Helpful Resources for recommended options.

College list development– Following in-depth discussions with our students, we produce an initial list of appropriate colleges, and then work with our students to refine their options. The resulting college list balances academic, social, and financial considerations to fit the student’s desires. Most students will submit between 6-10 applications based on this list.

Essay coaching– Essay writing is a key element to applications. We help our students get an early start on personal statements by brainstorming topics and possibilities, and then we critique and help revise their essays to maximize their quality.  High quality essays get results!


Hands-on Application Assistance-Working directly with our students, we guide them through the “ins and outs” of applications to simplify & demystify the seemingly complicated electronic process.  

Letters of Recommendation-We guide students to fully understand who to ask and how to ask, so they end up with optimum letters of recommendation.  

College tour and interview prep– We help students and parents prepare for college visits and interviews, advising them on what to look for during visits, how to comport themselves and what questions to ask. 

Final application review– Incomplete applications can create major headaches for students and, in the worst case, invalidate an application. We go through our students’ applications before they are submitted to make sure all the necessary information is provided and documents are included.

Final Decision–If requested, we consult with our students and families to help provide support to make the final decision about which offer to accept.