Consider joining clubs or starting your own

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Actively engaged high school students are perceived well in the world of college admissions. Being recognized as a qualified college applicant takes more than a high academic profile. Colleges seek students who can balance their interests with their academic loads. Getting involved in clubs and organizations is one way to help you stand out and show your strengths & interests.

Colleges want to fill their campuses with good students who will also make an impact socially – it makes their schools more interesting. Active participation in high school teaches you the important social skills for the future. Take on a leadership role, help fundraise for a cause, learn to work as a team member – all are important components for making a difference in the world.

Make high school more interesting by joining (or even starting) a club on your campus. Joining a club gives you the opportunity to meet new people while getting involved in something other than just academics. It’ll also make your high school years far more memorable. Build relationships with like-minded students, gain valuable leadership experience, and take on new challenges, and if you find that there isn’t a club that you’re passionate about, consider starting your own!

We brainstorm with our students to help them hone in on what matters to them. We focus on individual interests and help you decide which clubs might be the best option for you. Whether you’re interested in academic clubs, athletics, or community service endeavors, we can help you figure out which clubs cater to your interests and even introduce you to ideas you may have never considered.

We help freshmen and sophomores do some exploration, so that by junior and senior year they are focused on what they love doing. Testing the waters and joining clubs early can help you figure out your passion. Early participation can eventually help you obtain a leadership position, a worthwhile endeavor indeed.

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