Freshmen/Sophomores/Juniors: Learn to Manage Your Time Effectively

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It’s important that you work diligently on everything you do–it will help you fully prepare for the rigors of college life. Only through practice can you master this skill, so start early in high school to become proficient at working hard on a daily basis.

Having the appropriate workload is key to time management success. Taking rigorous classes is an excellent idea for learning to push yourself, but in order to impress colleges, you will need to do well in those classes. Carefully plan your academic schedule for fall! Don’t overload your schedule with too much rigor if that schedule won’t allow you to succeed academically. With AP and honors classes, talk to multiple students in the grade ahead of you to find out the daily expected workload so you know what to expect if you enroll. You can also talk to teachers now in the grade ahead of you to have a conversation about expectations. Here’s a good tip– use your summers wisely to add interesting extracurriculars that don’t compete with classes.

For students, learning how to manage time between academics & extracurriculars takes practice and discipline. With eight hours of “seat time” a day—piling on the extracurriculars may be difficult for some students to handle. Participate in an appropriate amount of outside activities— play a sport, get a job, volunteer, pursue a hobby, audition for a performance group—but you don’t need to try to do all these things. Colleges just want to see you doing what you love and that is what will make your life more interesting in the long run!

Doing well in classes while balancing your outside activities shows colleges you are serious about your education and have the ability to multi­task. Staying focused and working diligently can help you get more done in less time, it builds good habits. If you do that, you can excel in your courses & have extra time to participate in extracurricular activities that interest you.

We understand that each and every student is different, and some need more time for homework and assignments than others. We can work with you to create a customized overall academic/extracurricular schedule that works for you. We’ll help plan out your schedule to ensure you’re comfortable with the workload.

We help students set priorities to seek extracurricular activities that will fit in well with the time they need to accomplish academics. Grades are paramount when it comes to college applications, but extracurricular involvement is what sets you apart from others to give you that extra boost. We try to get you involved with activities that fit your overall “theme” & your interests. That way you will have a well balanced, interesting high school life and stellar college applications!

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