Is summer school for you?

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Summer school attendance offers myriad benefits to help make life a little easier during the academic year. Students who enroll in summer school can open up time for extracurricular activities such as part-time jobs, volunteering, clubs, hobbies or sports involvement. This open time slot allows students to focus their attention on activities besides just academics, and it can serve to lighten the academic load during the year for a bit more breathing room.

Students can enroll in classes that might not be available on their own high school campus. Different schools can offer unique summer courses that aren’t available elsewhere which could be a stimulating experience for students. Summer programs at colleges or universities are also available for high school students, giving them a first-hand life experience on a college campus plus the opportunity to explore new and exciting fields of study.

You can lighten your academic load, get ahead, or make room to fit in more classes. Have a list of classes you want to take but don’t have enough time during the school year? Summer school is ideal for those students who want to either lighten their academic load or make room to enroll in extra courses. As students get further into their high school careers, they may find they haven’t had room to take some of the more interesting & popular courses on campus. Attending summer school can create that space in your schedule.

We help students plan their academic schedule. At Navigatio College Consulting, we plan students’ academic schedules to ensure that they are taking the appropriate classes and aren’t overloading their schedules. Our one-on-one consultations allow us to discuss which courses our students are interested in taking and how they can comfortably fit those courses within their schedule.

We tailor your academic profile to suit colleges’ expectations. We want our students to have a balanced high school schedule to include challenging courses as well as involvement in rich extracurricular activities. Colleges covet students who are academically strong and involved in their campus/community, so we create a schedule that gives our students the flexibility to accomplish just that.

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