Juniors: How to Build a Good College List

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Create a balanced list of colleges and universities during junior year. It’s important to start researching your options early. Look at the UC’s and Cal State U’s, plus other public and private schools–both in and out of state. Don’t apply to only one type of college–create a nice varied list that speaks to your academic interests in environments where you could be happy.

In the college world there are so many “hidden gems” out there! Don’t limit your choices to local or name brand schools. While UC & Cal State University campuses are popular options among California high school students and their parents, there are many other affordable options. In case you haven’t heard, admission to the UC campuses has become unpredictable and many admissions experts are now referring to the UC’s as “wild card” schools, and for good reason. CalState campuses are more academically attainable, but many of those campuses are overcrowded which means students are spending way too many years finishing college.

Private schools can potentially end up being just as affordable — students can usually get in and out in 4 years, and if a scholarship or financial aid is involved, this type of education can be as affordable as the public universities! Students just need to apply to the right colleges, and they need to apply well. Applying to colleges that “fit” your interests, needs and academic prowess are the KEYS to finding an affordable college education.

You want great college options in the end. Deciding which college you want to attend is likely the first important decision of your life. Take time to research & visit all different types of institutions. Keep your mind open for as long as you can— you may be surprised by what you find!

At Navigatio we develop balanced lists for our students based on their academics, interests and family financial situations. Amazing colleges are peppered throughout the country. Many aren’t “name brand” schools, but are college gems, nevertheless. We consider all components of what you’re looking for when seeking out colleges—factors which include cost of attendance, academics, social activities and setting. We can help create a balanced list of colleges in many different regions–both private and public school options-that fit your needs.

We tour colleges continuously so we have a strong sense of what is happening in the ever-changing college admissions landscape. We have visited hundreds of colleges around the country and can provide first-hand knowledge of what each college offers and what they’re recognized for. Our one-on-one consultations allow us to become familiar with your academic level, interests and expectations for college—from there we can help match you up with colleges that are right for you.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 to schedule a one-one-one consultation to get started!