Summer Enrichment: Spanish Immersion Opportunity

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Full language immersion pushes a student’s brain far beyond classroom learning, and the language mecca of Antigua, Guatemala is a perfect place to dive into Spanish. Students travel from all corners of the globe to learn to speak, read, write and LIVE the Spanish language, making Antigua a truly international destination.   With more than 70 language schools, featuring “host family” opportunities, classes happen in lush garden settings with one-on-one instruction.  Many students also get professional internships in Antigua, making the trek to Central America twice as meaningful!

Antigua was once the capital of Guatemala, and the rich history of this charming, cobblestone laden colonial town seeps into every aspect of life.  Exploring the ruins of Antigua fires the imagination with thoughts of a world that existed 500 years ago, one of the seeds of our own culture,  making Antigua a fascinating backdrop for Spanish immersion.

The people are friendly and welcoming, and the town is known to be a safe environment.  Guatemalans are tickled when people come to their country to learn their language and share their culture, and show their appreciation readily.  Fireworks can be heard at dawn on a daily basis because the people of Guatemala celebrate the beginning of each new day as a blessing, and that attitude is abundantly clear to anyone who visits.

Navigatio College Consulting recently traveled to Antigua, for a close-up look at the language immersion programs where we saw students touring ruins, noshing in restaurants, haggling in the marketplace, doing what students do, all while chattering away in Spanish. One student we met was learning to cook Guatemalan food from his host mother.  These are just a few reasons why Antigua is a perfect destination for high school and college students (and  beyond!) eager to learn Spanish.

A couple of schools we like: