Freshmen/sophomores: Extracurricular: Volunteer at AIDS Walk Los Angeles

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Sign up to volunteer for the October 12th AIDS Walk and experience something new! Volunteering is not only an excellent way to boost your college applications – it can also lead to incredibly rewarding experiences. Thousands of volunteers are needed to make the AIDS Walk event successful, and whether you’re cheering on the walkers, greeting participants, or handing out snacks, you’ll be taking part in LA’s 10k walkathon to be a part of something big. You can register for the walk or join a team by visiting the AIDS Walk Los Angeles website.

Working with a team of people to reach a mutual goal is exciting and enriching – besides that, it’s lots of fun! Volunteering is more than just a rewarding experience, it can be a very powerful one. By taking part in the AIDS Walk, you develop teamwork skills that will not only benefit you in your personal life but your future profession as well. The AIDS Walk is replete with live music, enthusiastic participants, and various entertaining activities. So get out and take part in this memorable experience!

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