What Did You Do On Your Summer Vacation?

Colleges LOVE to ask students that question! They want to know what initiative you take to grow your interests when your busy schedule of the school year abates. Take advantage of that break by diving into a project, a job, a volunteer position, anything you are interested in. Get involved with your community, apply for a pre-college program, coach a little league team, volunteer abroad, consider a language immersion experience, organize a kid’s summer camp, take an art class—whatever you want to explore—do your research and make a plan!

Academic or pre-college programs can help you pinpoint academic interests. Are you unsure of what to pursue in college? Summer academic pre-college programs can give you insight into a wide variety of different fields and majors. These programs can also give you a taste of what life on a college campus might look like later.

Traveling, working, reading for pleasure, organizing photography field trips, doing internships – any & all of these activities (plus more!) help you expand your horizons. Create new experiences & memories by taking advantage of your time this summer. Dig into an old hobby or try something completely new! Seeking internships or volunteer positions can open up many doors for you in the future, so that’s often a worthwhile endeavor too.

We listen to what students are interested in and brainstorm options with them, pointing them in the right direction. Our one-on-one consultations give us the opportunity to learn about our students and help them create a productive summer plan, making themselves and their summers a whole lot more interesting.

We understand the benefits of the different types of programs and activities when it comes to college applications. Pursuing what piques your interest adds layers of depth to who you are, and colleges know that. They want students who are going to come to their campuses and get busy. Your flavor & enthusiasm will in turn make their campus more interesting and they know it. There are many benefits to being productive during the summer so get out and explore!

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