Juniors: Tips for getting the best letter of recommendation

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Effective recommendations come from teachers who know you well, who are asked in a timely manner, and who have been impressed with your work in the classroom. A great letter of recommendation is crucial to your college application so ask a teacher who is familiar with your work ethic and achievements. Don’t wait until the last minute to ask your references! Give them enough time to write a positive, detailed letter on your behalf and give them plenty of material to work with.

Letters of recommendation can bolster an application substantially. Every component of a college application matters! A letter of recommendation reveals details about you and your achievements that grades and SAT scores simply can’t show. Letters provide college admission reps with more information about who you are, what you’re capable of and all you’ve accomplished.

Colleges want to know how you participated in the classroom, and this is the best way to show them. What better way to reveal academic efforts than by asking those who have personally seen your work? Teachers are key references as they’re familiar with your work ethic and can provide a personal and professional opinion on your success and abilities. Supplemental recommendations can bolster an application too—from people like coaches, employers & academic advisors. These NEVER take the place of the teacher recommendations though—they just add an additional perspective.


We help our students decide which teachers to approach and how to approach them. Figuring out who to ask for letters of recommendation can be challenging. Picking the right references can make all the difference. We take into consideration your experiences throughout high school & what you hope to accomplish once in college, providing guidance throughout.

We supply our students with detailed instructions on how to procure impressive letters that make an impact. Getting an early start on letters of recommendation can be highly beneficial and getting them from the right teachers is key. As with everything else in college admissions, plan ahead for best results!

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