College review: Boise State University

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Boise State University is a large public school located right in the state capital of Idaho. This one mile long campus is adjacent to a 40 mile tree-lined greenbelt–so bikes, runners & walkers are everywhere! Boise State University is the center of attention in Boise, with their football team drawing national attention, and that fabulous blue field!!! Boise has a Philharmonic orchestra, a professional dance company and an annual Shakespeare Festival. With a ski resort within 30 minutes of Boise, it’s also a mecca for outdoor enthusiasts.

BSU has a large, and well supported engineering program, and since the Micron Corporation (located in Boise) is a huge contributor, the electrical engineering department is particularly well regarded. BSU is especially vigorous about recruiting future female engineers.

The business department has a coffee stand on campus which is run, front and back, by business students — a good opportunity for hands on experience. The health science department is also strong, and students can start with pre-nursing, pre-radiology, pre-physical therapy, etc. as freshmen, but the competition is fierce to actually get into the programs as juniors. There is a link on the website where prospective nursing students can view a youTube video entitled “What it takes to be in the Nursing Program.”


The most talked about departments on campus (other than the above) are anthropology, the social sciences, music, art and modern languages. The anthropology and archeology students routinely work on digs in Southern Idaho, searching for Indian artifacts. The math and geosciences departments also seem quite good. There are three theatres on campus, including a community theatre, so there are many opportunities for performance.

I am told academic advising is strong at BSU, but as with all public institutions, students should pursue their counselors regularly, always taking their education into their own hands. BSU has a “Finish in Four” program, whereby a student can sign a contract promising them priority registration and advising to guarantee graduation within 4 years.

In terms of activities on campus, the list is HUGE. Football is the spirited centerpiece. The sports arena hosts basketball, wrestling and gymnastics events, and many big name professional music groups come to BSU to perform. There is a tennis complex and a beautiful recreation center with a brand new indoor pool, a frisbee golf course, club teams, ultimate frisbee, racquetball courts, rock walls & an incredible outdoor program.

The arts are also well represented at BSU with three venues for stage productions & musical events. Also, there is the Bronco Gallery, where students can display & sell their artwork. I witnessed a “social dance class” where students were learning ballroom dancing. The huge new Student Union is a beehive of activity!

Boise State University is a WUE school, so at BSU it’s possible to get a solid education at an excellent price point.

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