Navigatio on the Road: Loyola Chicago

Loyola University Chicago embodies sparkling beauty, sitting directly on the great Lake Michigan, with a mixture of classic and modern architecture, and gorgeous landscaping; its aesthetically pleasing appearance reflects the true nature of its goal–to produce well-rounded students with a commitment to excellence–of self, and service to others. These values are imbued in Loyola’s proud Jesuit heritage.

What are the benefits of a Jesuit education? There are many—we never met a Jesuit school we didn’t love. According to Loyola Chicago, “studying at a Jesuit university means seeking knowledge in the service of humanity; preparing to live in a shared, global community; and building on the desire to always do and become more.”

Loyola has two campuses—the Lake Shore campus (main) at the north end of Chicago proper, and the Water Tower campus, located downtown. Shuttles travel the 8 miles back and forth daily, so students can easily take courses at either or both campuses. Downtown departments include business, education, social work and communications.

Loyola has many majors & areas of academic interest, but they are most well known for their health sciences and business programs. Pre-med students are paired with current medical school students and the advising for ALL pre-professional programs is robust—for pre-health, for pre-law and pre-engineering. Engineering students spend their first 3 years studying physics at LUC, and then transfer for the final two years to places like Columbia, Northwestern or University of Michigan with a dual degree. Nursing students are direct-admit, and the retention rate is high once they get to Loyola, very impressive indeed!

Music and Dance programs are audition based, and students in the Department of Fine & Performing Arts programs are gifted with “dynamic artistic and academic opportunities.” There are four distinct areas of study—Music, Dance, Theatre & Fine Arts. Loyola students in these programs are trained to develop and improve communication skills and to connect the artistic experience to other fields. They gain the skills to attentively experience and critically engage their art form with the world.

Loyola students don’t just get a world-class education, that’s just the beginning! They also enjoy the unique benefit of living in the midst of everything Chicago has to offer— cultural immersion in myriad ways– often demonstrated through a sampling of ethnically diverse & insanely delicious foods, opportunities to explore eclectic theatre & music performances, delightful shopping excursions, colorful street festivals & art shows, multiple world famous museums, a city obsessed with local sports teams & culture, bicycle tours along the Lakefront Trail on the shores of Lake Michigan. You name it, Loyola students can find it—on campus, or around the Windy City itself, where half their education takes place!