Parents: Research financial aid options

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How you’ll pay for your child’s college education is as important as where they are admitted to college. Start planning early to shoot for the best financial aid packages. It is advantageous to get help from professional advisors who have the ability to guide you through the process so that you can ensure your child will get a solid education at the best price.

Start planning early to get the most from college financial aid. Getting admitted to a reputable college or university takes careful planning and it’s important to start early so that you can achieve your optimum goal. The same is true of financial aid–understanding the process and making the necessary preparations can help make your child’s education significantly more affordable. The more you know about the financial aid process the better. When your student is in early high school, take the time to investigate financial aid–you’ll be glad you did!

Position your student to maximize scholarships and grants, and to minimize loans. Scholarships and grants minimize your need to depend on loans. Therefore it’s crucial to get organized early to make the most of scholarship programs offered by different colleges, universities, and other outside organizations. The more you know about how students qualify for scholarships and grants, the better positioned your student will likely be to qualify. Educate yourself to help maximize your student’s best financial aid options!

Actively seek out financial aid opportunities. Financial aid opportunities happen when parents and students do their homework and prepare. We can provide you with effective and reliable advice through our one-on-one consultation regarding the financial aid opportunities you can pursue for your child’s college education. Many colleges offer their own scholarships, grants and work-study programs; we provide information on these different financial aid options currently available in the world of higher education.

We guide you through the preparation and application processes. Financial aid applications need to be filled in a very careful and timely manner in order to get approved. They can often be lengthy and confusing; at Navigatio, we’ll educate you on what to expect from those applications and how to proceed in an efficient way when it comes to meeting financial aid requirements.

We provide organizational support to help you execute your plan. The checklists include paperwork requirements and deadlines for FAFSA, CSS PROFILE, scholarships and other documents related to financial aid. We educate families on how they can glean the “real cost” of what each college or university is likely to cost.

Visit our website to learn about the financial aid options that are out there. Our advisors will be more than happy to discuss all the financial aid possibilities that can be pursued. This will give you a clearer understanding of the whole process and help you make the right choices for your student.