U of Redlands

University of Redlands

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University of Redlands is a gem of a school set just over an hour east of downtown Los Angeles.  A peaceful sanctuary from the big city, Redlands is graced with sprawling lawns for students to study and relax on.  Redland’s sports and vibrant campus activities keep students engaged and busy with access to the mountains and desert nearby allowing for plenty of outdoor recreation.

Redlands boasts a strong business program with a well-known MBA program on campus.  Accounting students in particular have a highly successful employment rate after graduation.  Pre-health programs feature diversity and opportunity and their 3/2 Engineering programs allow students to start at Redlands for 3 years and finish up at Columbia University or Washington University in St. Louis, an impressive path indeed.  Students of any major can find intellectual depth at Redlands, and we noticed how content everyone seemed to be in this close-knit community of learners.

The Johnston Center for Integrative Studies gives students the opportunity to create their own curriculum—the type of program that’s ideal for motivated, curious students seeking a custom-created education.  Creative Writing and Arts programs are also very impressive at Redlands.  For students interested in Study Abroad, Redlands makes it easy sending 40% of their students abroad, much higher than the national average.

Interested in getting a personalized education on a charming campus?  Check out the University of Redlands!