Parents & Students: Coping After HS Graduation

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The post-graduation summer can be emotionally taxing for parents and students alike. Students often have mixed emotions when it comes to anticipating college: tremendous excitement combined with fear. Recent grads are exhilarated with the brand new feeling of independence, yet feeling trepidation about their future. Parents are facing the prospect of parting with their children. They’re proud and delighted to have their child going off to college but there is often apprehension when it comes to letting go. How will their child adjust to college life? Will they be safe? Will they make wise decisions? What kind of friends will they attract? Will they be happy? What are they even going to eat?

Balancing the student’s need for freedom and independence with the parent’s need for safety and a good night’s sleep is tricky. It’s important to talk honestly about how you are trying to adapt to your child’s impending departure as much as they are trying to absorb their own reality. Through open communication, you and your adult-child can come to a mutual understanding of feelings. Discuss any concerns you may have about college—be it financial concerns, academic responsibilities, safety & health issues, and your expectations around communication with your child once they move out. Without these conversations, your child may not be aware of your need to adapt to this monumental change. It will help them realize how human you are!

We know how it feels (we’ve been through it ourselves!) and we have worked with many families on adjusting to this new reality. The transition from high school to college can be taxing for many parents and kids. We offer tips and advice on how to adjust and how to help your child comfortably transition to college life. This is a stressful and major change in your child’s life too, so it’s important to support them fully as they leave the nest.

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