Rising Seniors: Get Those College Essays Done During Summer!

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The best essays have been revised multiple times. Write many drafts of your personal statements to ensure they are exactly what you want. Try different ideas. Write in very conversational tone, as if you are sitting across an admissions desk telling someone about yourself. College admission reps read thousands of essays, so for goodness sakes, make them interesting! And guess what? If you write what you care about and what you think about, your essays WILL be interesting! Period.

Plan wisely – complete your college essays before the crush of senior year hits. Senior year is filled with so many different responsibilities — from both academic and social perspectives. College applications add yet another element to your already busy schedule. We suggest you finish your college essays prior to fall of senior year, so you won’t become overwhelmed.

The very BEST college essays involve serious introspection, writing & editing, and during summer break you’ll have the time to really brainstorm & rewrite to come up with stories that best represent you. Get a jump on your college essays— when many applications open on August 1st, you’ll be way ahead of the game! Call us at (818) 207-0263 to discuss how we can help you get started on your college essays.

We brainstorm and help guide you through essay drafts. Essays are a key element to your college applications, so we want to ensure that you submit the most authentic story you can come up with. This is your chance to show off your personality, your values and unique thought processes and your essays need to be very specific to you! We help ease the stress that comes with writing college essays by adding support & critique guiding you throughout the process.

We provide structure & deadlines to keep you on task. Procrastination affects many students, so we work with students on their time-management skills and provide deadlines for their essays all summer long and into college application season. Dreaming up ideas for college essays can be very stressful as deadlines loom, so we help our students devise their personal statements early. At Navigatio College Consulting, we help our students gain the opportunity to fully enjoy their final year in high school.