Sophomore & Juniors: Time to Plan Testing Schedules!

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If you are a sophomore, generally speaking, it’s a good idea to prep for your SAT and/or ACT during the summer prior to junior year. Prepping early sets the student in motion for well thought out SAT/ACT planning at the very beginning of junior year. The more practice exams and test strategies you have under your belt, the more likely you are to do well on the exams.

If you are a junior, look ahead at your academic calendar and plan out a prep and testing schedule now. SAT and ACT testing should be started by the middle of junior year. (It’s no fun to have testing pushed up against senior college deadlines!) All colleges will take either one, so consider trying each test one time, and then proceeding with the test you prefer. High school juniors should get testing dates on the calendar for December-March 2019 for your first sitting, if possible. That way you can test again later in the spring and still have time for a 3rd sitting towards the end of summer 2019.

Make sure you have registered for a testing date WELL before the deadline so you can have the advantage of testing on your own high school campus. High test scores can help give you a competitive edge over other applicants. Be sure to schedule in some prep time before you test as there is no point in spending 4 hours on a Saturday taking a test you did not prepare for!

Test scores are often tied to merit scholarships. Earning high scores on your SAT or ACT not only benefits your college acceptance rates but can also help pay your tuition!

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We guide students with test prep strategies by recommending a wide array of referrals & resources. Students who prepare well for standardized tests become more comfortable with the format of the exams – increasing their chances of tamping down the stress while testing. After many years of working with students, we can recommend test prep tutors to ensure our students feel confident walking in.

Bottom Line: Prepare early for best results!