Take Advantage of Online Classes!

As students face more and more pressure to perform well while carrying a rigorous high school curriculum, it’s important to be creative when it comes to putting together your schedule. There is no reason for any student to be bound by their own high school’s academic offerings when so many other options exist. In addition to the standard high school classes, there are many other possible scenarios to consider.

Community colleges offer online classes, but sometimes those schedules don’t mesh with the student’s academic and vacation plans. However, online community college classes are definitely worth checking out first since they are free!

We have also found it helpful for students to enroll in other online classes, in order to reduce on campus “seat time” and workload during the normal school year. A couple of our favorite well-priced courses can be found at UC Scout (https://www.ucscout.org/), APEX Learning (https://www.apexlearningvs.com/course-catalog/) and BYU Independent Study (https://is.byu.edu/catalog?special=952). Apex appeals to many students because they are flexible with their enrollment windows so students can work at their own pace.

It’s important to confirm that any course you enroll in be UC approved. Also, be sure to clear any course you plan to sign up for with your high school counselor before you pay the fee and enroll. The best option is to have those credits added to your high school transcript, so be sure to request that be done. Tutors can easily be found to help students get through any difficult coursework, so be sure to contact us if that is needed. (818)207-0263

This is an excellent way to get ahead on your schedule, or lighten your academic load during the year so think about these options when planning your academic schedules. Contact us if you need help finding classes! (818)207-0263