ACT Rolls Out Seven Test Dates for Fall 2020!

ACT made a HUGE move yesterday to expand testing for September and October 2020. They have added multiple test dates on Saturdays and Sundays, an unprecedented move – not surprising in this crazy year we refer to as 2020. This creates a historic national testing situation – seven national test dates offered within a 6-week span!

Students will be able to start registering for ACT by the last week of July, ( ) and ACT has delayed “section testing” until 2021. ACT will be contacting testing locations, starting this week, so they can make arrangements to accommodate students across the country. The priority and challenge of course, for ACT will be to provide safe, secure testing environments given the COVID-19 pandemic.

This does mean the ACT “remote testing” roll out will be delayed, as they are now totally focused on providing fall dates for Class of 2021. They want to make sure all rising seniors are able to sit for a first time test.

With this move, the ACT has pulled ahead of SAT for the moment. Even if SAT is your preference, we advise students to register for ACT for fall so that you have a strong backup situation going into application season if the August SAT does not materialize. The two tests are more similar than ever, but we do advise students to at least get on the ACT website to try out some practice tests prior to testing, even if you do no other prep.

Colleges will continue to send the message that many of them will be “test optional” and they will be flexible for Class of 2021 & 2022, but if you do have a chance to sit for testing, we would advise you give it a try!

Contact us if you need help with test planning! 818-207-0263