Freshmen/Sophomores: Test out lots of extracurricular activities early in high school

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Freshmen and sophomore year are the perfect time to try many different activities so you can zero in on your unique passions during junior and senior year. Can’t figure out what high school activities may interest you? WIth a wide selection of options available, both on and off campus, freshmen and sophomores are able to test out various activities before they find ones that fit their interests. Whether it’s joining a sports team or becoming involved in an organization, there’s something for all types of students to find their niche.

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You won’t know what you like doing until you have a chance to try lots of things. Don’t just settle for one activity; sign up for different ones in order to find one that is a right fit for you. Options vary, depending on if you’re interested in the arts, sports, community service, or governance. Test the waters and be open to trying new things. You might be surprised by what you learn and experience while participating in these activities.

Colleges are interested in students who are active on or off campus, doing what they love and the ones who show initiative and leadership really stand out. Extracurricular activities really help prospective college students stand out; showing college admissions that they are well-rounded individuals who have more to offer than just an impressive GPA. Being passionate about an extracurricular activity can also increase your chances of getting accepted to college as you’ll be more likely to take on a leadership role in that activity. A lot can be learned by being a part of an organization or team, including the importance of responsibility, teamwork, and commitment.

We help students brainstorm to help guide them in their quest for activities that fill them with joy. For some, finding that ideal extracurricular activity can be challenging, but we work with students to find out what their interests are and offer suggestions as to what extracurricular activities they may enjoy. Students may not consider certain activities to be interesting but they may never know until they give it a try.

We spend a lot of time researching programs that resonate with our student’s interests and passions. We are well aware of what certain programs offer and how they may be of interest to students. Having knowledge about these programs, we’re able to offer helpful suggestions to students who are seeking to find new, exciting extracurricular activities.