Extracurricular Activities During Isolation

Just like everyone else, high school students around the country are trying to cope with the boredom that comes along with social distancing. Many students have started to wonder what their college applications will look like since they have had to abandon their usual activities like sports, performing arts, volunteerism, clubs and jobs. So what can teens do to bolster college applications and keep from going stir crazy during this trying time? We’ve put together a list of ideas and of course there are so many other opportunities out there – just use your imagination!!!

  1. Write a Journal – we are living through an unprecedented time – start writing about what you are doing, what is happening in the world, how you are feeling – your stories will be an important piece of history later on!
  2. Take an online class – there are all sorts of free online classes going on and multiple celebrities are offering their time and expertise in things like cooking, screenplay writing, dance, vocals, film editing, etc. Find something that piques your interest and dive in!
  3. Get involved with politics – you can get in touch with local, state and national representatives to see what you can do as a volunteer at home. Contact Democratic or Republican campaigns and ask about phone-banking at home or stuffing envelopes.
  4. Start a blog – do you have a deep interest in something that you can share with readers??? Share away!!!
  5. Watch stage productions & concerts – there are all sorts of free productions and performances going on right now so take advantage of that!
  6. Create a Performance Night on Zoom – if you know a lot of people who like to perform, why not put together an “open mic night,” and invite everyone you know to participate.
  7. Write analysis from a teen’s point of view – do you have something to say about what is going on? Write letters to local papers and try to get published!
  8. Volunteer or work for older folks in the neighborhood – mow lawns, walk dogs, clean pools, run errands, etc.
  9. Delve into Family History – there are so many sites (like to do research on – dive into them! Then visit with older family members virtually to ask questions and conduct interviews. Create a book or website to gather all your research.
  10. Learn about Careers – interview people you know in various career fields (many people find themselves very available lately!) and take notes or record interview to compile a collection.
  11. Research colleges – look at college websites & contact admissions departments to find out what type of “virtual” events they have going! I guarantee you, they are all scrambling to set up virtual tours and events.
  12. Enter contests for writing or film or anything! Essay, film & poetry contests are abundant so find contests that would be good to match your talents!

Contact us to brainstorm about extracurricular ideas if you haven’t hit on anything yet – your choices are literally infinite in nature!!! (818)207-0263