Azusa Pacific University: Where Service Is a Way of Life

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Azusa Pacific University is a Christian school located in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley and they take pride in their interdenominational makeup, admitting students of all religious backgrounds.   APU touts a warm and friendly environment, and sure enough, we did notice the campus does feel very welcoming!

Each student at APU has their top 5 strengths analyzed to create an “identity vector” helping professors educate the whole student based on those features of their personality and learning styles.

Students have many options to study across a wide field of interests.   For the science-minded,  APU has just  poured $52 million into a gorgeous new science facility– a research mecca for undergrads–graced with a fascinating and colorful turtle pond in the atrium.  Theatre students produce six shows per year, so performing arts opportunities are numerous.  Athletes of all kinds can find tons of competition and recreation at APU— it’s a great campus for anyone who likes to stay active.

But when it comes right down to it—what is it that makes this campus so special?  The students and faculty at APU typically respond with a resounding “community!”