College review: Beloit College

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Beloit College is a small college (1300 students) located in Beloit, Wisconsin which was once described as a microcosm of America with its mix of races and economic brackets. Officially their mascot is the Buccaneer though over the years they’ve adopted the turtle as their unofficial mascot. (They say it better describes the laid back atmosphere on campus!) Beloit lies just 90 minutes north of Chicago and 40 minutes east of Madison, WI; making roadtrips quite easy. Students do say that there are ample shows and activities on campus though, and also outdoor adventures aplenty for students who do not have cars.

Beloit is academically strong though laid-back in attitude and is described well by the word “accessible.” They pride themselves on accepting “lesser” students who show promise and passion. Professors are always on hand and are described by students as “friends” and “mentors.” Research and other opportunities are easy to attain, often with a stipend attached.

Beloit recently built a new LEED Platinum science building and tout their eco-friendly accomplishments, including a greenhouse, energy efficient buildings, a prairie reserve and an organic garden. Students can apply for stipends to tend the garden. They even have a particle accelerator on campus that students have been painstakingly reconstructing after recent move.

Beloit students tend to be creative. Their innovative theater program makes use of two performance venues – a Black Box and an arena stage – as well as non-conventional; for example, a progressive play in which the actors and audience moved from one room to another. Each year Beloit brings in guest writers and artists for their creative writing program.

An entrepreneurial center located in downtown Beloit helps students start up small businesses. One example is a student-founded bike rental business where older bikes are reconditioned & rented to Beloit students for the year. The entrepreneurial center also helped support a student film project, in which the campus squirrels (of which there are many) were interviewed about the college. The video went viral on Youtube to the surprise and delight of the student producers – Beloit students grab opportunities!

Finally, students have many options for housing, none of which is based on academic year. There are traditional dorms, and themed houses including the Sci-fi and fantasy house which sponsors nerf wars as well food co-ops. Campus food in general received high marks.

Beloit College offers both merit and need-based aid to students making it potentially a very affordable college. Beloit College is a somewhat quirky, close-knit community where students can gain a top-notch education while making lasting friendships.

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