Figuring out your summer plans

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High school students (and their parents) are ALWAYS looking for ways to optimize college admission outcomes, and planning well for summer is a key time for students to set themselves apart by making very personal choices.

How do you want to spend your summer? Would you deepen interests you already have, or explore something new? Either way is fine. What’s important is that you make a plan!

Each student is different. Some are wild about learning languages while others prefer to dabble in entrepreneurial pursuits. Some love to spend time growing vegetables in the backyard while others opt for summer internships or jobs. Science & Engineering excites some kids while others live to sing and dance. During summer vacations, high school students have the rare opportunity to make unique choices to enhance their personal growth AND build their resume.

There are all sorts of programs available on college campuses across the country. Some are hosted by the colleges themselves, while others are run by private organizations simply using the college campus as a venue. Each has different requirements and the costs vary wildly, so it’s important to plan ahead and do your homework. It’s certainly not necessary to pay for these programs in order to set yourself apart. Just plan ahead and do something you care about.

What are you interested interested in? That’s the only question you need to answer. A well-researched summer experience is essential. Whatever you care about, take the summer to spend time with it. That’s how you find your passion!

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