Juniors: Do Your College Research!

High school juniors need to take the helm with investigating lots of different colleges – after all, it’s your education at stake here! Set aside some time, and actively research your options for colleges. Most colleges now have virtual tours and events, so sign up and tour without even having to travel! Look at the “academic profile for admitted students” at each school, so you can figure out if you fit academically. Look to see what activities they have on campus. Visit college websites, take virtual tours and find out as much information as you can about each campus so you can intelligently narrow down your options.
Thoroughly research the uniqueness of each college. Each university offers different academic programs and majors, recreational opportunities, campus organizations, environments and social lives. Figure out what you want from your college experience and seek out those colleges that offer it. If you love what a college has to offer, chances are they will love you back with offers of admission!
We put together an initial personalized college list based on your interests and strengths. Our counselors will take the time to understand what your strengths are and where your interests lie. From our one-on-one consultation, we assess your goals and academic desires, providing you with a list of potential colleges which you can further research. The process continues until we have a solid collaborative list of schools.
We guide you through an effective college search. With thousands of colleges available throughout the U.S., it may seem overwhelming to find the ones that best fit your needs. Don’t just settle for any college; our experts will help you find the best institutions that match you. We tour colleges and meet with admissions officers on a continuous basis, so we’re well suited to create a list of colleges for you based on our own observations and insights. Many of our students end up at schools that were never initially on their radar. We bring ongoing real-world knowledge to our students and families, and our instincts are spot on. The results speak for themselves.
Call us at (818) 207-0263 to schedule a one-on-one consultation and we will help you seek out colleges that best fit your needs.