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We take the stress out of finding the right school.

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We lower college application stress. From the college search all the way through the application process, we do the heavy lifting and help make sure your child gets into the right school for THEM!

During our consultation, we’ll learn about your child’s aspirations, and thoughts on college life. We’ll provide practical tips for getting ahead, and discuss how we can help your child find the right college and get accepted!

“Navigatio brought clarity to an overwhelming application process. The staff always made me feel important and scheduled frequent meetings to strengthen my essays. Navigatio ensured that the applications I submitted were the very best they could be.”

– Andy C. (student)

“At the beginning of my daughter’s junior year in HS, we started going to college prep meetings. My head was swimming with all the info that was being handed out. That is when we met Anne and Marian, and Navigatio. I didn’t really know there were such services available. I decided to talk to them and see what they offered. Thank goodness I did. They were very helpful and flexible with all their advice and information. This really took a load off a very busy dad, me, and I felt very comfortable when they spoke with Sammy or me.”

– Sam O. (parent)

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