Gonzaga University

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Gonzaga is a small Jesuit university located in Spokane, Washington— scattered along the north bank of the picturesque and well enjoyed Spokane River. Forty nine percent of GU students identify themselves as Catholic. Following the Jesuit tradition of education, they have a comprehensive distribution requirement across many disciplines, resulting in a well-rounded education. Their banners declare “Be Inspired…Live Your Faith” “…Reach Your Potential” “…Find Your Passion.” And, students seem to take that to heart. They have repeatedly petitioned the administration for changes they felt strongly about such as serving fair trade coffee in the student union and keeping the library open later.

Classes at Gonzaga are small and relationships between professors and students are strong. Class attendance is mandatory and professors must keep office hours which the students take advantage of. The close knit community continues after graduation with the Alumni Membership Program, which matches recent GU grads with 2-6 Gonzaga alumni with similar academic backgrounds who live in their area.

Sports are a big part of the Gonzaga campus. All sporting events are well attended with basketball being one of the biggest. Students must wait in lines for tickets and good seats, but students report that the games are worth the hassle of queuing up. The women’s crew team has overall been the most successful sport at Gonzaga, consistently winning championships. 80% of students participate in intramural sports which are played at different levels depending on ability. One of the main fields is lit until 1 am, making late night matches commonplace.

Gonzaga’s location makes outdoor activities popular as well. The GU Outdoors Department organizes outings for all students. Students can also check out necessary equipment for personal trips.

A unique aspect to the Gonzaga campus is that each academic building is designed to feel like that discipline, ie the nursing/health building feels like a hospital, the business building feels like a corporate office, the science building feels cutting edge.

Gonzaga has two academic programs that prospective students should be aware of since applications for the programs are due early. The Hogan Program is an entrepreneurial program that any major can participate in. CLP is a leadership program. Students participating in these programs take one class each semester in their respective area.

The brand new Hemmingson Student Center (2015) serves as the central gathering place for conversation, meals, clubs and just about anything else. It’s an exciting time to enroll at Gonzaga University!