Helping Your Student Succeed in High School

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Many parents are under the mistaken impression that once their children start high school, they should be on their own to organize themselves.  Students, especially in early high school often need some help structuring their study time—this pattern can really set the stage for academic success.  Many students don’t know how or why such discipline is needed and 9th grade is NOT the time to back off and let them organize themselves.

In addition to setting study time aside, it’s really a smart idea to keep all distractions off (TV, computers and music) during that sacred period of the day.  They will need to use the computer at some times of course, but not all the time.  Shutting these distractions down allows study time to be a sanctuary that does not drag on all night long!  Students need to know they will have time for socializing and relaxing, and if homework and study time is streamlined, they will enjoy more free time and enjoy each day more completely.

Don’t ask “Do you have any homework?”  Assume they have obligations every day and instead inquire “What homework do you have tonight?”  Review it every night, but don’t correct it—leave that for the teachers.  That way your student knows you are interested.  Setting the stage for success at the very beginning of high school will pay off tremendously when it comes to college admissions!