Freshmen/Sophomores: Test out lots of extracurricular activities early in high school

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During freshmen and sophomore year try many different activities so you can zero in on your unique passions during junior and senior year. Can’t figure out what high school activities may interest you? With a wide selection of options available, both on and off campus, there are lots of interesting choices! Whether it’s playing sports, auditioning for performance groups, starting a blog, or taking art classes off campus….just do it!

You won’t know what you like doing until you have a chance to try lots of things. Don’t just settle for one activity; look around your town and campus to find interests that fit who you are. Options vary, depending on if you’re interested in the arts, sports, community service, or leadership. Test the waters and be open to trying new things. You might be surprised by what you learn and experience and these activities will make high school more interesting for you!

Colleges are interested in students who are active on or off campus, who show initiative, and do what they love. Extracurricular activities really help prospective college students develop into much more interesting people. A lot can be learned by being a part of an organization or team—responsibility, teamwork, and commitment to name just a few.

We help students brainstorm to help guide them in their quest for activities that fill them with joy. For some, finding that ideal extracurricular activity can be challenging, but we work with students to find out what their interests are and offer suggestions as to what extracurricular activities they may enjoy. During your early years of high school, take some risks and try anything that appeals to you!

We spend a lot of time researching programs that resonate with our student’s interests and passions. We know what certain programs offer and how they may be of interest to students. Having knowledge about these programs, we’re able to offer helpful suggestions to students who are seeking to find new, exciting extracurricular activities.

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