Juniors: Rising senior summer checklist

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You have nearly finished your junior year and you will soon be known as a “Rising Senior.” Want to make senior year MUCH better? A lot can be done this summer to relieve the fall pressures surrounding college applications.

Start Early with Essays & Applications. College essays should be started in the BEGINNING of summer, and honed all summer long so they are well developed by the time fall rolls around. The Common Application and UC Application both open August 1st! Get them started the day they open and work on them daily. Great college applications take time and are done well when students have time to think. Doesn’t it sound fantastic to have most of your college applications completed before senior year even starts?

Schedule summer test prep, plan college visits, finalize your college list. Be proactive. If needed, sign up for the SATs or ACTs during the summer so you can have enough time to prepare for fall testing. Narrow down your college list & visit the campuses to learn as much as you can during the summer.


Research scholarships attached to colleges you are interested in — know your deadlines! Some scholarship deadlines fall earlier than application deadlines so do your homework in advance.

We help students with college lists, essays, applications, deadlines and college touring materials. We have extensive knowledge of colleges all over the US and can suggest college options that are a good fit for you and your interests. We brainstorm essays & work on applications with our students to make sure their overall message truly represents the best of who they are.

We get our students organized during the summer so they start senior year with applications well underway. Senior year comes with many demands and we want to ensure our students are confidently prepared with applications in the midst of everything else. By getting organized all summer long, you can get those applications submitted by Thanksgiving and enjoy the rest of your senior year.

Call us at (818) 207-0263 to further discuss how we can help you prepare for your senior year.