College review: Texas Christian University (TCU)

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TCU (Ft. Worth) is a medium sized private, liberal arts institution with a “big school feel” complete with heavy school spirit, a big football program, greek life, and tons of social activities. The school colors are purple and white, purple for “royalty” and white for a “clean game.”

To understand what TCU cares about, just read their mission statement, which is front and center on campus: “To educate individuals to think and act as ethical leaders and responsible citizens in the global community.” Ethics are highly emphasized, and courses in ethics are required of all students, where they will be put into tough spots, and required to problem solve.

TCU students have a wide range of majors available, so students can study anything from business (entrepreneurial management ranked #1) to sports journalism, from criminal justice to theatre, from athletic training to Japanese, and literally anything in between. Nursing, Business and Engineering programs are big at TCU. Majoring in the pre-health tracks is popular (pre-med, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, veterinary) as is pre-law. They recently started offering majors in ballet, international communications and business information systems, the first in the nation.


The theatre department has 4 mainstage productions per semester, including musicals, and any student is eligible to tryout for any show. Also, non-music majors may audition for musical groups, including bands, orchestras and choir.

Greek life is popular with 45% participating, and 1/3 of students study abroad. All freshmen and sophomores are required to live on campus (laundry is free!), and most students live right in the neighborhood, once they move off campus. At TCU, some food concessions are open until 3am on the weekend, a big plus for college kids. Everyone on campus is issued city transportation passes and TCU has shuttles into downtown Ft. Worth (“Where the West Begins”) and the Stock Yards on nights and weekends, for fun nights of music, food, and dancing. Ft. Worth also boasts a great cultural experiences with museums, cultural centers and a daily tradition of Longhorns running down the street! The community supports and loves TCU, and TCU loves and adores Ft. Worth.

TCU is looking for students who contribute on campus, in a big way, because they want their university to be vibrant and active and full of fun. There is heavy on campus involvement and a great Commons space which hosts movie nights, concerts, and all kinds of activities, right in the center of campus.

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