Soph/Fresh: Interested in playing competitive sports?

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If you are athletically inclined, consider playing sports in high school. Aside from proudly representing your school and improving your social, mental, and physical health, playing sports in high school can also increase your odds of piquing the interest of college coaches. Becoming involved in athletic endeavors while in high school can look impressive on your college applications and help make your high school experience more fun & memorable.

You can pursue something you love while building your resume. The sheer physicality of playing high school sports can ease your stress and essentially contribute to your academic success. You can live out your sports obsessions while staying in shape and adding another layer of interest to your college applications.

Colleges appreciate student-athletes’ experiences with teamwork & time management. Sports involvement can teach students useful life skills. Working as part of a team focuses on collaboration while student-athletes are also expected to balance their studies with hours of practice, competition and their social lives – quite an impressive feat if done well! Showing colleges that you can put these important skills into use can really help you stand out in the applicant pool.

We provide sports recruiting timelines for student-athletes to keep them organized and eligible. It’s critical that student-athletes understand the sports recruiting process in order to increase their chances of getting noticed. Students must work at promoting themselves widely – otherwise college coaches may never know they exist. By starting early and staying organized, student-athletes have the opportunity to showcase their talents to college coaches. We help guide students throughout the process by providing them with a comprehensive recruiting timeline to ensure that they have completed all eligibility requirements and have taken all steps to get on the radar of the coaches that matter.

We match student-athletes with colleges interested in their talents. Many high school athletes are eager to continue their athletic careers at the collegiate level, but it’s important they thoroughly research colleges to see whether they are a good match for their athletic programs. More importantly, the student must consider whether he or she will be happy at a given college even if the sports opportunity suddenly evaporates – injuries, changes in coaching staff, new players on the team – all these factors can adversely impact a student-athlete’s situation. Through our one-on-one consultations, we can educate students and help them seek out colleges that fit their academic & athletic ability.

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