St. Edward’s University, Austin, Texas

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St. Edward’s University is a small , private Catholic university, perched above lively Austin on the “hilltop,” (thus the Hilltoppers!). Run by the Holy Cross Order, St. Edward’s is a campus filled with students & faculty from across the globe. This small yet diverse community provides a global perspective where students learn to think critically & creatively, make ethical decisions, solve problems rationally and lead effectively. St. Edward’s (a sister school to University of Notre Dame) is quite stunning with its traditional gothic architecture, rolling lawns & commanding views of downtown Austin.

There are over 50 majors at St. Edward’s. Writing is the most critical component of an education and St. Edward’s places a lot of emphasis on teaching a dedication to service. (There are many majors here, but one student I spoke to was particularly enthusiastic about the digital media program where he was studying interactive game design) Mass is offered daily on campus, but there is no requirement to attend.

On campus, there are many intramural clubs such as ultimate Frisbee, rugby, lacrosse and yoga, as well as the more traditional intramural & Club team sports. The music scene is pervasive both on and off campus, whether students attend concerts in nearby Austin or right on campus. There are many organizations for students to become involved with, such as the Social Justice Club–they were hosting a “homeless sleep out” on campus while we were there, to give students an idea of what homelessness would feel like. There are opportunities to attend lectures, screenings and to join outdoor adventure groups.

St. Edward’s is a Division II school, there is no greek life on campus, and the student body is 60% female. I am told they have a small, but very active theatre group, and any and all students are eligible to audition for stage productions, which include musical theatre. Students who attend St. Edward’s University have the great advantage of living in Austin, a town filled with cultural and educational opportunities (music, technology, museums, art galleries, historical sites, parks, lakes, rivers, internships, tremendous food), outdoor adventure and just plain fun. Their proud motto: “Keep Austin Weird!”

St. Edward’s says they tend to look for students who are strong writers and dedicated to service of some kind, because they feel that helping others gives meaning to a person’s life and that’s what they care about at St. Edward’s U. Freshmen are required to live on campus and sophomores are also guaranteed housing. We are big fans of this gorgeous little college gem!