Tulane University Review

Students who attend Tulane University in New Orleans say they are lucky enough to “get the best of both worlds.” They have the privilege of spending four years in a vibrant artistic & history-infused city while simultaneously being tucked away in a sedate, tree covered suburban neighborhood. Tulane is a medium sized, very tradition-based campus (6800 undergrads) with world-class connections and research. Tulane alumni are all over the country, so students who need professional connections in any geographic area will have them.

Tulane students seem to have one common thread—love of service. Students on campus spend a lot of time talking about projects happening in the community to benefit the locals. Poverty is common and pockets of need run block by block in New Orleans, so students get heavy exposure to great need. Luckily, Tulane students respond with love and care! As far as admissions, Tulane values depth over breadth—so get involved with what you love and do it BIG! They admit a huge amount of students during the Early Decision and Early Action round in November, so if you are serious about Tulane, do not wait until Regular Decision in January!

Students are pretty intense and ambitious at Tulane and it’s not uncommon for students to have two or even three majors. Tulane draws nationally and a large amount of their student population comes from the Northeast, California and Chicago. Most students come from a long way away, and most are the only student from their high schools—so socially, Tulane hits the jackpot because EVERYONE is looking to make friends!

The Jazz Heritage Program is unique to Tulane, and is designed for anyone (of any major) who wants to study the history of Jazz—no better place in the country than New Orleans for that! The foreign language programs are very well developed and the study abroad opportunities fantastic.

Business-minded students will be well situated at Tulane because a robust business complex is currently being built, there’s an entrepreneur think tank on campus, and many alums have started businesses while on campus, and have gone onto to be insanely successful entrepreneurs. Interested in starting a business? Inventing something? Creating a side project of any kind? Tulane professors will encourage and support you fully and there are many openings for undergrads in research at Tulane since the campus is medium-sized. Student can earn a minor in Business, Real Estate or Public Relations in just one summer!

The social scene is active and all over the place—sports, greek life, theatre, acapella, music, visual arts, (even a glass blowing program!) performing opportunities, exposure to exciting New Orleans city life—food, music & culture. Right next door lies another exciting university, Loyola New Orleans and many social activities are share between these two campuses.

Fun fact: there are more festivals in New Orleans than there are days of the year! And for California kids—beach volleyball is a huge extracurricular at Tulane. And who doesn’t love the Crawfest? This is the largest student-run music festival in the country and it happens every year at Tulane. Needless to say, students who are interested in Music Event Planning would do well to attend Tulane, but the truth is, you could study almost anything at Tulane and find your “happy place.”