Western Washington University Review

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Western Washington University is a gorgeous mid-sized public university (15,000 pop.) located in Bellingham, Washington, just south of the Canadian border with Vancouver. The forested long, narrow campus takes about 15-20 minutes to walk from end to end and the killer views from the dorms are memorable—students gaze out over Puget Sound every day. WWU campus is a “designated sculpture garden” and has a rather European feel in the Red Square area, where Fisher Fountain and many activities are located. The natural lush forested setting provides both excitement and serenity for WWU students looking for a solid education in a stunning a friendly environment.

Students at WWU can study practically anything with over 160 different academic areas to explore. The approach at WWU is intentional and the academic advising is strong. While touring we noticed both staff and students seemed to possess a great attitude and lively sense of humor. WWU has a vehicular design program, a “lab-heavy” biology and chemistry department, a strong education program, a robust Marine Science program, to name a few unique characteristics of WWU. One of our former students has a major called Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management which will prepare him in a very hands-on way to be employed in international shipping and commerce, so WWU is all about “preparation for the future.”

Students who are interested in outdoor activities will have abundant options with sunset kayak tours, hiking, sailing, skiing, rock climbing, etc. However, all kinds of interests can be quenched at a school that hosts a Farming Rights Association, a brand new recreational center, intramural sports of all types, a radio station, music festivals, outdoor movies on the lawn, drum circles, international relations clubs, theatre and over 230 clubs and activities.

WWU provides tremendous support to their students without stigma at the well-used Counseling Center for Mental Health. The Disability Resource Center is also very popular, without stigma and one professor offers a course on autism with a focus on how neuro-diversity is viewed.

The WUE program is selective, so the significant tuition discount only goes to the top students from California and other western states who apply—typically 3.7 GPA or higher. It’s worth applying if you are close though because you could end up with a $10,000 discount per year if you qualify. We were told if you want an early read on your application essay, feel free to send it in before you apply and they will send you editing notes to improve on your personal statement! WWU is very accommodating in so many ways.

Bellingham is fairly easy to reach with Bolt busses leaving Seattle every two hours, and the charming town of Bellingham is filled with many good restaurants and a good number of comic book stores too!