Sophomores & Freshmen: New Year’s Resolution for 2020

The New Year is a great time to begin dabbling in a new hobby or extracurricular activity, allowing a chance to develop your interests more fully as you enter 11th grade. No matter how you spend your time, this is what you need to know— be enthusiastic, hone your talents, take initiative and leave a mark!

You want to have a cohesive high school record demonstrating interest and depth in a few specific activities. Explore early in high school to find what you truly love & do it with gusto! Be consistent with your involvement in a few of your favorite activities as time progresses. Starting early gives you enough time to hone in on your favorite activities by the time junior year rolls around.

You will have more opportunities to show initiative and take on leadership roles if you love what you do. Through commitment and growth, you’ll be able to take on formal or informal leadership roles in your extracurricular activities.

We brainstorm with students to help them discover activities they may never have considered. For some, narrowing down their list of extracurricular activities may be challenging. Other students have trouble coming up with any hobbies at all. In either case, we’re here to help you determine which activities best match your personality and interests and open your eyes to new possibilities. We are full of ideas!

We help connect our students to mentors and unique experiences. By utilizing our vast network, we can help you find something to enjoy. Colleges want to know they are admitting students who will “do things” on their campus, so get busy in 2020 and show them what you can do!

Call us at (818) 207-0263 to discuss how we can help you get involved with a new, exciting extracurricular activity.