Whitman College

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Whitman is a small college in Walla Walla, WA – a quaint college town within walking distance of the school. The surrounding farmlands have been turned into vineyards, moving the demographics of the region from somewhat conservative to more progressive in nature.

Renaissance people go to Whitman College. So for example, a baseball player who might also play the cello and earn a 5 on an AP Calculus exam is typical. Are you that kind of kid? Check out Whitman College!

A lot of students have a hard time imagining life on a smaller campus, but at Whitman (like at all small schools!), students get to know as many students as they would on a large campus, they just have the luxury of knowing them better. Professors at Whitman engage students in discussion-based classes by day, but also come out to see students performing on stage or competing in athletic games or matches outside of class hours.

Whitman is a rigorous & competitive place in terms of academics, but the support is excellent. Academic Advisors track student progress throughout the year, and if they see a grade dropping, they get in touch with that student to find out what can be done to help.

Half of Whitman students study abroad, and there are many opportunities for research abroad, especially for science students. One young woman we talked to at Whitman in the science department showed some interest in a professor’s work on coral reefs. As a result, she was invited along to the Caribbean to work for a semester on those reefs! Science kids at Whitman get REAL training for REAL jobs. Environmental Studies is a big draw with a Semester in the West study program. And Whitman has a planetarium where students do sleepovers!

Whitman has two theaters and produce 8 shows a year including 2 musicals and anyone can audition for any show.

The library is open 24 hours and has a café in the basement so night owls are welcome.

The Outdoor Program is huge with 35 trips a semester.

Whitman College is generous with need-based aid and awards a lot of merit scholarships too. So much so, that 49% of graduates walk away with zero debt! And six months after graduations, a whopping 90% of graduates are either gainfully employed in their industry of choice, or enrolled in grad school, a notable track record.