Why Test Prep Matters

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2019 Update: Students can plan for August SAT and/or Septemeber ACT.
There will be no July ACT in California or New York.

Here’s what you need to know about testing:

Higher scores can result in BIG scholarships. Students & families are always trying to find new ways to pay off their rapidly-increasing college costs. With scholarships, students can free themselves of some of that financial burden. Many scholarships are tied to higher test scores, so in a way, consider test prep a “job” that will pay off later.

Focusing on test prep can dramatically improve your scores. The score you get on your SAT or ACT can play a major role in determining where you are admitted to college. If you plan ahead and spend time preparing & practicing, you will be more likely to get the scores you’re aiming for. Starting early pays off. We recommend that students prep for testing during the summer before junior year. It’s a luxury to head into senior year with testing already done—it just makes your life easier and less stressful!

We recommend various tried & true test prep options. There are dozens of methods & programs that can get you well prepared for standardized tests. A lot depends on how you learn effectively and what your time constraints are. We can assess your needs & provide you with recommendations that fit you best. (Test Prep Resources:

We can help plan a smart testing schedule & strategy. Preparation and practice are key to getting higher scores on your tests. On top of that, there’s nothing better than walking into a testing situation with a healthy dose of confidence!

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